Cursed with a Branch of Sin, Deadmen and Deadwomen strive to survive or escape from Wonderland. Will you fight or will you escape?
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 Nama Kuragari (生暗がり)

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PostSubject: Nama Kuragari (生暗がり)   Nama Kuragari (生暗がり) I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 20, 2013 4:52 am

Full Name: Nama Kuragari (生暗がり).
Meaning of Name: Pure Gloom/Darkness.
*Nickname(s): Shiren (Siren) Saki (destination, end).
Sex: Female.

Human Appearance
Age: 20.
Eye Color: Chocolate Brown.
Hair Color: Black.
Type of Build/Body: Tall and tone.
Height: 6'0''.
Weight: 156 lbs.
Distinguishing Marks: The only distinguishing marks Nama has is that her ears are pierced. Both sides have a piercing in the lobe, and a piercing in the upper cartilage. The right, unlike the left, has a single piercing in the middle of her cartilage, half way between her lobe and her upper ear.

Other than that, she can only be identified by the red ribbon that she keeps wrapped around her sword and uses them as 'backpack' straps to carry the sword on her back.

Skills: Her sword, Shiren o zekkyō [(シレンを絶叫)The Screaming Siren or just Screaming Siren] is a special blade that was made to suit her and her alone. Like all Undertaker weapons, it has Worm Eater embedded deep within its core, allowing her to neutralize the attacks that Deadmen use. However, it has a more interesting ability which is where the sword gained it's name.

The sword itself is a Japanese Long Sword with a black blade that spans Nama's actual body length and, at first glance, appears to be nothing more than a simple sword. However, that guise quiclky fades when she taps finger against its blade, or taps the blade against something, it emits high speed vibrations that can cause it to emit a painful high pitch screech. Those vibrations can also be turned into sound blades or used to turn an attack against its user.

Attitude/Personality: Don't let her innocent school girl look fool you. This girl is the Second Squad leader for the Undertakers. She's tough and strong willed. Her only personal flaw is that she's generally a soft spoken individual who often comes off as shy. 

However she may seem to you, don't let her sad expression fool you and don't, for a second, think that she's carrying that sword for show. She's been heavily trained and is a deadly killer. 

Images For character:
Nama Kuragari (生暗がり) Mukuro238_600_1520342_zps0121f971 

Hansel and Gretel: Professor Yamamoto was supposed to be the pioneer in behavior modification. Supposed to be. The name of his project? Hansel and Gretel. Anything on 'Hansel' came up with nothing except that there was only one success and any reference to the test subject was 'The boy'. No name, no age; Nothing at all about him. Other than when certain conditions were met, 'The boy' was a lethal, non-stop killing machine that knew no pain.

The notes on Hansel stopped that, and notes about taking his son out to play games began. Their particular favorite to play? Onikirimaru Or "Ogre Slayer"......why he included that was unknown. Other notes talking about how the professor worried early on about his son's health because he had Acute Polycythemia Vera. The boy's body produced massive amounts of blood and had to be drained constantly or it would kill him. The doctor's answer was to have 'Flutes' inserted into his forearms which would allow the boy to periodically drain his blood back down to normal levels a couple of times a day.

Since the professor named his son with his wife's family name breaking all tradition. Even with all of the fussing over keeping his precious son safe, the professor had failed. The professor's son was an inmate at Deadman Wonderland.

The reason? Brutally slaughtering his family. Inmate #10, Kaze Omoyashi had been an inmate at Deadman Wonderland since he was ten. Nine years ago, back almost when the park first opened. A long time 'Wonderlander' and yet he had never, not once, lost a fight.

Now comes the confusing part. 'Gretel'.

Anything found on Gretel would come to a dead end, no one to this day understood the notes on 'Gretel'. The man who had once understood it, died at the hands of 'Hansel' nine years ago and since then, the traces of any hopes of understanding the Gretel Project was lost.

Hansel had been imprisoned nine years ago when he began to play the game, killing his father, his family, and the entire lab full of workers that his father had created. 'Hansel' was deemed a monster, and the government sentenced him to death. Unfortunately for the government, they sent 'Hansel' to the only prison in Japan where those on Death Row were kept alive.

Nine years later, Gretel had survived the incident and went on to live as a healthy happy child...for the most part. She had lived her life on the outside of the prison, never remembering the horrors that once was her project name. She had a real name now, and a family. But the moment she entered the gates of Wonderland she remembered. Gretel remembered everything that she had been trained to do, everything that she had promised 'Hansel'...everything...that Hansel and Gretel had stood for.

They were family. They had grew up together. They had cried, bled, smiled, laughed, played and ate together since they were small children. They were Hansel and Gretel. And Hansel needed her. It wasn't safe to leave him alone for so long...the game wasn't safe without the end, without Saki or a "Destination".

Choice Arc: At the age of 16, Nama had witnessed her first Dog Race. Watching in silent horror as the prisoners scrambled through the obstacle course, she watched as each one were killed until only one was left standing and was awarded just a single piece of Candy. Her fears had been accurate. Competing for their lives, the prisoners in Deadman Wonderland were truly sent there to never once again emerge through its gates.  It was then that she decided...she would become an attack dog and under that guise, she would end this prison and all of its terror.

Imprisonment Arc: In order to become the monster she needed to be, she would have to first become a prisoner in G Ward, where Hansel was kept. In order to do that, she became 'Shiren' or "Siren".

Shiren was different than her in every way possible to imagine. Shiren was cold, unfeeling, uncaring about anything she did. Nama was not. In order to become what she had most feared, she took up her sword and became a mass murdering she-devil.

Shiren had killed 150 people before police even understood the "How?", let along the "Why?". But by the time it was all said and done, Shiren had killed over 300 people and injured 12 police officers. Becoming one of the only females in Japan's history that had sank terror deep into the hearts and souls of it's people, Shiren was sentenced to death and was sent to reside, unbeknownst to the rest of the world, at Deadman Wonderland.

G Ward/Undertaker Arc: When she reached Deadman Wonderland, she volunteered to become a Undertaker, willingly throwing herself into the violent training program to become an Undertaker to earn the most freedom possible in the prison. There, she would earn her rank as Squad Two leader and work under the guise of being an attack dog for Wonderland, all the while searching for Hansel so that she could once again save him and protect him.
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Nama Kuragari (生暗がり)
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