Cursed with a Branch of Sin, Deadmen and Deadwomen strive to survive or escape from Wonderland. Will you fight or will you escape?
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 Murasaki Hana (紫花).

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Murasaki Hana (紫花). Empty
PostSubject: Murasaki Hana (紫花).   Murasaki Hana (紫花). I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 20, 2013 4:10 am

Full Name: Murasaki Hana (紫花).
Meaning of Name: Forbidden Flower.
*Nickname: Shrike.
Sex: Female.

Age: 20.
Eye Color: Crimson.
Hair Color: Bright Red.
Type of Build/Body: 
Height: 5'7''.
Weight: 130 lbs.
Distinguishing Marks: Murasaki has no distinguishing marks.

Skills: Her branch of sin is known as Flower's Curse (also known as Devil Thorn) and is a long, mid, and short range weapon that comes in the form of a thin, vine like whip. These 'vines' hold acidic properties and each time they strike exposed flesh, the acid burns into the skin, like thorns tearing into it. 

Attitude/Personality: Murasaki has always been seen as cold and unfeeling. She has no hesitations, no emotional barriers that tie her down to people or situations. However, to say that she has no emotions would be a complete lie. She feels everything that all other humans feel, but she doesn't let them overwhelm her and take over her sense of judgement.

Calm and collected, Murasaki will remain calm in any situation that she's placed in. Even if she's facing death, not once will her fears show. Murasaki is very well tempered, but can often seem to be rude or just standoff-ish. However, that isn't the case. Murasaki is actually a very quite individual who will only speak to someone when she feels it is either required or expected of her. 

Images For character: 
Murasaki Hana (紫花). Lynn_by_chopstickmadness_zpsa74f53b3-1

Imprisonment Arc: Born to mixed couple (American and Japanese), Murasaki was often bullied for her American or "Gaijin (outsider/non-Japanese)" looks. She's held very little Japanese characteristics other than the fact that she speaks it fluently and knows all customs and traditions since she was a young child and because of that, she was often excluded from normal school activities such as clubs or field trips. To be a foreigner in one's home was such a harsh childhood- one that she strove to forget.

To erase all of her past, she under went surgery at the age of 18 and became one of the first successful cyborgs. However, erasing her memory of her painful childhood meant erasing her pre-existing personality and rewriting it. This is where the doctors failed.

They rewrote Murasaki's personality to create what they deemed to be a "Damaged" product. She could feel, cry, eat, sleep, and bleed like all humans, but she lost all sense of 'simple' or 'light' judgement. She would kill those who had committed even the smallest of transgressions. At first, she was unable to differentiate from small mistakes to large, unforgivable ones and as such, the body count grew and grew. Killing off any and everyone she believed to wrong her, she became a wanted criminal and was soon arrested and placed in F Ward.

Deadman Arc: Her time in F Ward didn't last. The cybernetics made her deadly, but her red hair and American looks once again made her a target of bullies. Even in prison and in a 'new' body, she couldn't escape them. Memory loss is a fickle thing. They may fade, but one's mind never completely forgets the tragic events in your life. Memories flooded back to her, and as she kicked and fought to get herself free of the bullies that threatened to hold her down and rape her, her powers that had been sleeping inside of her awakened.

Her body had been in danger, thus awakening the defensive mechanism of all Deadmen. Her Branch of Sin became her new friend, and she slaughtered all four of the men that had been holding her down and undressing her. The officers of F Ward found her hugging her knees, shaking and crying in a pool of blood- the blood that covered her.

G Ward/Carnival Corpse Arc: Finding her to have a Branch of Sin, the warden moved her to G Ward where she was, as always, bullied. A new target, other Deadmen would try to attack her for her candy and CP card.
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Murasaki Hana (紫花).
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