Cursed with a Branch of Sin, Deadmen and Deadwomen strive to survive or escape from Wonderland. Will you fight or will you escape?
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 Aleksandr Nikita Pravitelya/ Sasha

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Aleksandr Nikita Pravitelya/ Sasha Empty
PostSubject: Aleksandr Nikita Pravitelya/ Sasha   Aleksandr Nikita Pravitelya/ Sasha I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 09, 2013 11:40 pm

Full Name: Aleksandr Nikita Pravitelya
Meaning of Name: Defending man unconquerable ruler
*Nickname: Sasha

Human Appearance
Age: 19
Eye Color: Azure Blue
Hair Color: Silvery white
Type of Build/Body: Lean and muscular almost totally effeminate
Weight: 115lbs
Distinguishing Marks: No piercings or markings.

Skills: Sasha's branch of sin sleeps inside of him. Although preliminary tests show that not only does he have a branch of Sin that is would be an interesting one too boot. Sasha's branch when his blood comes into contact in theory would allow him to control iron fusing with it and allowing him to manipulate it's form and shape for anything from attack to defense. The Doctor believes he would with enough practice be able to separate the iron in his own blood and form a weapon. Sasha's branch of sin also shows hints of sharing some similarity as Hounds as the doctor believes he would be able to drink in another's blood to replace his own and heal any damage.......of course........this is just what she discovered though a medical check up there's no sign at all of his Branch of Sin surfacing.

Attitude/Personality: Sasha is a soft spoken and kind man often bending over backwards to help others. But it is his very kind nature that has without a doubt gotten in him to various degree's of trouble. Not one for violence at all he can't help but feel lost and overwhelmed here in wonderland.

Images For character:
Aleksandr Nikita Pravitelya/ Sasha Sasha10
Sasha transferred arrived in Japan not all that long ago from a 'noble' Russian family he's always been seen as something of a lovely prince. He had just started his first year of college in Japan when he came across several in need of assistance they were laying on the ground dying when the police came and Sasha without a cell phone covered in there blood as the police pulled them away went off of the dying man's testimony. 'He did it, it was him' they were referring to a serial killer on the loose but the police took it as him.

Four people dead and buried and Sasha found himself convicted of a crime he had not committed thrown into wonderland with the collar around his neck like all other prisoners he was put in F ward. But the Warden after a 'check-up' by the doctor sought to awaken the still sleeping Branch of Sin in Sasha and assigned him to work the cafe's during the day in G-Ward........the most dangerous place in Wonderland figuring that if anything would awaken Sasha it was being with them. After all he can't put him in the Carnival and run his experiments if Sasha can't use his Branch of Sin......
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Aleksandr Nikita Pravitelya/ Sasha
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