Cursed with a Branch of Sin, Deadmen and Deadwomen strive to survive or escape from Wonderland. Will you fight or will you escape?
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PostSubject: Mature Content   Mature Content I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 05, 2013 6:28 am

If you've read the rules, and looked over the site, then you most likely are aware of the 17 or older rule that is applied to the Mature RP section of the site.

This is required for ALL forums. We here at EFDW will respect the wishes and requests of Fourmotion and will, under no circumstances, change this.

Now, moving on to a more important matter. In the mature boards on this site (for those who are of age to use these boards) there are, in fact, topics that could possibly contain Yaoi (Male/Male) relationships, Yuri (Female/Female) relationships and of course your usual heterosexual (Male/Female) relationships.

If any of you are offended by homosexual relationships or simply don't like them, please be aware that these topics are supposed to be marked as such to prevent any incidents between members. However, there are some cases that these topics aren't marked. We, the staff, apologize in advance. Though we would like you to keep in mind that not every topic can be checked by staff. Please be patient with other members and if you feel the need to inform them of their mistake, please do so politely.

~Thank you,
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Mature Content
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