Cursed with a Branch of Sin, Deadmen and Deadwomen strive to survive or escape from Wonderland. Will you fight or will you escape?
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 Kanzen'na Hanran 完全な反乱 ((An Idea I'm playing with))

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PostSubject: Kanzen'na Hanran 完全な反乱 ((An Idea I'm playing with))    Mon Jul 01, 2013 11:26 pm

Full Name: Kanzen'na Hanran 完全な反乱
Meaning of Name: Complete Rebellion
*Nickname: Shūryō 終了(Completetion/End Termination)
Sex: Female

Human Appearance
Age: 18
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black with natural Blue and purple highlights
Type of Build/Body: Lean and well built.
Height: 5'6
Weight: 135lbs
Distinguishing Marks: Her ears are pierced once, a faint red tear streak goes down from her right eye and on her back is a tattoo of mechanical wings.  

Skills: She wears a pair of gauntlets at all times that have 'Worm Eater' They allow her to absorb channel and send back to the Deadman all of the blood or there branch of sin. She is called the end.......because if she's dealing with them it goes no further.

Kanzen'na is also a 'Deadman' so to speak that is she has the Nameless worm Virus. As had it since birth like Kaze, Hound and others. Her Branch of Sin is called Hollow Angel. Her blood can form small petals that float around her either attacking likes thousands of tiny razor blades, sheilding her or even allowing her to fly.....Kanzena keeps this to herself no one knows she has the ability.

Attitude/Personality: Cold, emotionless, a killer and heartless.....Cruel and finds fun in torturing others. At least.....that is how she is in Wonderland. No one knows much about Kanzen'na's past all they do know........she's not an Undertaker to be messed with.

Images For character:

History: Kanzen'na's childhood is a completely a mystery in fact she seems to have just come into the scene now as an Undertaker in Wonderland. In truth she works for a secret branch of the government, and had entered to find out the truth behind Wonderland the only way she could. A 'Black Ops solider trained heavily in combat and killing her record was made to look like a mass serial killer instead of a war hero. However now that she's here she's learned the dark truth the only way out of death.
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Kanzen'na Hanran 完全な反乱 ((An Idea I'm playing with))
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