Cursed with a Branch of Sin, Deadmen and Deadwomen strive to survive or escape from Wonderland. Will you fight or will you escape?
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 Hiroyuki Hiroshi complete

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PostSubject: Hiroyuki Hiroshi complete   Hiroyuki Hiroshi complete I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 22, 2013 10:34 pm

Full Name: Hiroyuki Hiroshi
Meaning of Name: 'Widespread Happiness, tolernace
*Nickname: Homa
Sex: Male

Human Appearance
Age: 25
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Type of Build/Body: thin yet muscular
Height: 5'11
Weight: 150lbs
Distinguishing Marks: He wears an eye patch over his eye and a choker around his neck so tight it would cut the skin of a normal man.

Skills: His branch of sin is called 'Dancing Feathers'. He has streams of blood flow out of his open wounds that have arrow heads attached to the ends of them so sharp they can pierce solid steel..... They mimic the chains on his choker and his attitude...... His branch of sin is named after his nickname in the carnival corpse.....  He uses these streams of blood to float above his opponents by propelling the arrow heads or the blood streams themselves into the ground or surrounding cage walls.... He always uses just what is required before he passes out in case the enemy is more powerful then he origonally thought, he has no mercy for anyone

Attitude/Personality: He is a rather gentle man. He is kind and calm and collected.... He never seems to be in a bad mood but when you are unlucky enough to see it you will most likely be killed.... He is perfectly sane and will only become violent when nessecary.

Images For character: Hiroyuki Hiroshi complete Eyepatch

Imprisonment Arc: He was imprisoned wrongly accused by a family shattered by the Great Tokyo Earthquake. The only one that lived in that family killed a few people and planted evidence pointing toward Homa.... Homa ended up being sent to DW for life for the murders.... Soon after the real murderer was also sent there for something else and was a Deadman in G Ward....

Deadman Arc: Homa became a Deadman himself when he got into a racing game for candy and was knocked off of the side of the platform.... Faced with his impending death his powers awoke and he saved his life and won the candy... Now he resides in G Ward himself hoping that he could find the man that framed him and kill him in the Carnival Corpse....

Carnival Corpse Arc: Revealed in RP
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Hiroyuki Hiroshi complete
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