Cursed with a Branch of Sin, Deadmen and Deadwomen strive to survive or escape from Wonderland. Will you fight or will you escape?
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 Ami Yuuka [Complete]

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PostSubject: Ami Yuuka [Complete]   Ami Yuuka [Complete] I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 20, 2013 10:59 pm

Full Name: Ami Yuuka

Meaning of Name:

*Nickname: Swan
Sex: Strait

Human Appearance
Age: 20
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Type of Build/Body: thin, small chested, hourglass figure
Height: 5'9
Weight: 120
Distinguishing Marks: She has a scar on her naval that runs to her inner thigh. A tattoo of a dragon on her back.

Skills: Her branch of sin is called Dragon Scales. It allows her to eject small blood crystals from openings on her body and propel them toward her opponent. The dragon tattoo on her back actually removes itself from her back due to her blood and she can manipulate it at close range.... it takes alot of blood to do it so she doesn't do it unless they get close...
She has to drop off her clothes to do it making it easier to beat male and lesbian opponents because it distracts them for a moment on most occasions because she is very good looking and knows how to use her body.... 

Attitude/Personality: She is very calm and seductive. She is manipulative and cruel to her opponents especially to men.. She is by far not a virgin she is very skilled in being seductive so she has a tendency to be flirtatious... She gets off on the utter destruction of whomever she is fighting (or sleeping with) and will be satisfied as long as theres as much blood and gore as possible in the matter...

Images For character: Ami Yuuka [Complete] Dragontattoo

Imprisonment Arc: In the past she has grown up in a prostitution ring she was sold as a child by her crack addicted parents as a sex slave and has been traded multiple times... When she was eighteen she was traded to a man and left on a boat with him and his guards. As he thrust into her she couldn't stand it anymore because she was beginning to enjoy it to get pleasure from it, she reached down and found a knife then stabbed him and killed him then took his hand gun and snuck around and killed everyone on the boat... When the authorities found her they were gonna leave it as self defense but then someone corrupt bought them out and she was sent to DW.

Deadman Arc: In DW things did not change for her and she found herself being passed around by some of the other criminals even some were women that held her down... One day a group of people held her down and tried to rape her then kill her and steal her candy and finally her powers awakened and the crystals killed all but one which was a Deadman that had snuck out of G Ward then the dragon tattoo ripped itself from her back and she found she could control it a bit and she used it to rip him to shreds.... She then passed out from blood loss...

Carnival Corpse Arc: In her first Carnival corpse she had already began to grasp her powers and her limit to use them.... She got naked right out in front of the man she was facing and came onto him then as he let his guard down she used her branch of sin to mortally wound him winning her first Carnival Corpse it was at that moment when she hurt him that she noticed that she was getting off on his pain...
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Ami Yuuka [Complete]
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